The Close Enough (For Now) 2017 Solar Eclipse

Here it is, August 21, 2017 – the year of the total solar eclipse. And here I am, in New York where the moon will shade the sun by 70%! Good enough. I was going to name this post, The Close Enough (For Now) 2017 Solar Eclipse That Terrified My Daughter but that title was way too long. Seriously though, I would love to be able to see the total (100%) eclipse of the sun, and I may have to plan that for the next one which is slated for the year 2024 where I may be able to see it from Syracuse, NY! Seven years is a long ways ahead, but I have seven years to plan!

I want to take pictures and video as well as experience the event with my own two eyes (granted I have the proper eyewear, of course). A total eclipse does not happen very often and to be able to experience it is, as I can imagine, something breathtaking. But, for this one, I will have to rely on a 72mm Fader Neutral Density (ND) filter that I have for my camera lens.

Why don’t you leave the filter on the camera and take photos?

That’s an easy one to answer. I don’t have a 72mm lens to attach it to! Not anymore, at least. So, I placed the filter over an eye, set it to the max and looked at the sun/moon in increments (I already tried it out and with the filter set to max, the outside is nearly black so looking at the sun with it is like using a solar monocle of sorts). 

I attached a regular ND filter to my 70-200mm lens and took some pictures using that. Nothing spectacular (again, only 70% eclipse here) but enough to show to my daughter tonight when she gets home. I tried explaining the eclipse to her, but that seemed to freak her out for some reason. Kids.

The moment came and went and, although we didn’t get the entire eclipse from this part of the country, the feeling for this event was amazing. I felt “ONE” with the cosmos! I set up shop in my backyard, watched and waited, then waited and watched.

I did the best with what I had to see it and tried to take some pics. Nope, not the best (not even close) but I still wanted to document to show my daughter in the future and say, “See, there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of!”

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