The Stephen King Effect

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with reading the works of Stephen King. There, I said it. I’ve had a few books penned by the horror maestro on my shelf for a few years having read a handful of them: On Writing, Joyland, and Night Shift –  OK, co maybe less than a handful (don’t judge)! The photo above represents my Stephen King collection consisted of as of a few months ago (two).

I want to start reading most, if not, all of Stephen King’s books. And so, I did what any “normal” human being would do and started an instant mini-King home library. Since my “craze” began, I’ve since finished three of his books: IT, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and The Shining

The first thing I did to start my collection was hit up a few thrift stores in, wait for it… Maine! Yes, Stephen King country and would you believe that I did not find a single copy anywhere! I’m sure I would have found something had I been in the state for a longer duration of time but, as luck would have it, not on this trip! Maybe selling Stephen King copies in Maine are sacrilegious, frowned upon, forced to answer to “he who walks behind the rows” if selling any of his books.

When I returned to New York, I did more of the same; fishing out bookstores from New Paltz to Fishkill to Beacon where I was able to find a great assortment of King novels for reasonable and affordable prices. Did I mention that I’m going “all out” for this collection? Hardcover! In the past two months since I’ve started with this “obsession,” I’ve added to the King collection, and there are still a few works that I need to add.

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