My Little Cubby Cadet

My new “toy” came in and I was super-stoked. I’ve never owned, let alone, driven a riding mower so I was a bit “nervous” before firing this sucker up. I just didn’t want to break/run over anything! I gave it a spin and mowed the lawn with this baby and I have to say that, although I instantly fell in love, I need to get more accustomed to this thing as my first go at mowing the lawn was just OK. I need to get it to “excellent” and leave my lawn looking top-notch! 

My wife was bummed because, for some reason, she wanted to be witness to this momentous “event”. Likely, she wanted to take some pictures and videos of me riding the mower for a good laugh as she watched my body hop up, down and wiggle while trying to tame the beast like a cowboy riding a wild steer. To her I say, too bad! Although I’m sure the sight would be one to giggle. But, she will get to see me some time before the end of the summer, that’s for sure.  In due time… in due time! Until then, she’s just going to have to wait until the grass grows again.

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