The Way I See Things…

… may be changing. Soon. I think.

Glasses were never a part of the equation, or so I thought. Nothing is definitive, of course, until I actually make an appointment with an optometrist to decipher whether or not my new moniker would be “four eyes” to which I would respond, “I prefer, Clark Kent!” (without the physique and the superpowers)

I’m not sure whether or not the derogatory term for a person who wears glasses is even still used today but I suspect that a few old timers out there still coin the phrase every now and then, right? (probably not) I’ve noticed that I am starting to have to squint when looking at an oversized dry/erase board while at work and few other objects/words in the distance are (gulp) blurry/fuzzy. I suspect that the ethos is trying to tell me something (more likely its my eyes telling me and not some sort of spiritual manifestation).

This could not have come at a more perfect time; what with my getting back into reading and all! On the flip-side, I’ve been told that I look rather cool with glasses and quite dashing! (I’m looking at you biased wife). Now, to look for an affordable optometrist under my medical plan!

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