Your Wish Is Your Command!

You’re on a family vacation in Florida where you plan on taking your kids to Disney World. You’re excited because it will be your first time back to the enchanted land since you were a kid yourself. You wake up early one morning and decide to take a stroll along the beach and pick up breakfast for everyone afterward. A walk down the beach is a fantastical notion being that you’re accustomed to the hustle and bustle of city life in New York. Not to mention that you’re walking on a beach in December!

I’m in heaven,” you think to yourself.

As you walk down the quiet beach, listening to waves crashing into the surface, your foot strikes an object. It’s a comical spectacle for any passerby having seen you wince in pain and jump up and down as you grab hold of your stubbed toe. When the pain subsides, you take a look down and blinded by the sun’s reflection off a gold metal object protruding just beneath the surface of the sand. Intrigued, you bend over and grab it. Grains of sand fall from the object and trickle to the ground. Your eyes widen and realization sets in as you have just uncovered a magic lamp. How do you know it’s a magic lamp? Luckily for you there a sticker on the bottom with the following disclaimer:

You have just found a magic lamp! Rub me and when you hear the magical chime, make a wish, and it will come true. You have three wishes, make them worthwhile!

A dream scenario, right?! My ticket to get everything I ever wanted at no cost! I could ask for all the riches in the world – in fact, come to think of it, that may be my only wish I have. Of course, there’s the obvious, wish for an infinite amount of wishes but the fine print below the disclaimer, it states, wishing for the discernible unlimited number of wants disqualifies your wishing abilities and all requests made beforehand. That takes that wish right off the table! (can I say “wishes” anymore?!)

My Three Wishes:


1.) I wish to be filthy rich! I know, I know – money is not the answer to everything. But, it is the answer to a lot! It will take care of a lot of problems, especially, debt. I can buy that DeLorean that I’ve been dreaming about ever since I was a kid! I can also help my family in more ways than I can even begin to imagine unless you’re a long lost cousin that I am just all of a sudden meeting for the first time.

2.) World Peace. Can you say, cliche? But, I would love to have my daughter, and everyone else, to be able to grow up in a peaceful world where violence is a thing of the past.

3.) Super Powers! I thought long and hard about this one and being that money (see first wish) has already taken care of a lot of my problems, why not compliment that with superhero powers. I mean, just take a look at Bruce Wayne/Batman! Yes, his parents were murdered, and he can be a bit emo, but I’d say things turned out pretty well for him. What kind of superpowers? I have no idea, kind of a general kind where all powers would be applicable given any situation. Fight crime? Probably not. I’ll probably use my powers as ice breakers for parties, impress friends, see what my wife is really thinking and influence my daughter into doing the right thing, like grabbing her father a beer from the fridge.

If you had three wishes, What would your wishes be?

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