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‘Twas a wonderful, lovely day in the Big Apple. Almost midway through March, the sun is out, and temperatures reached the mid 60’s. This time last year we were knee-deep in snow, cowered in our homes seeking warmth and praying for relief from the brutal winter. Today, we’re in the park, kids abound, an iced coffee in hand with blue skies overhead. Can you see the contrast?

Took a few photos today, many of my daughter climbing yellow, metal ladders and coming down silver, reflective slides. Despite the famed Flatiron Building being in plain sight, my attention was focused solely on my little girl as she ran to and fro in Madison Square Park. That building’s not going anywhere. It looked the same as it did the last time I ventured into the city. My little girl will grow, change. I wanted to capture these moments, freeze them in time where she will forever be three years old even when she’s twenty. That smile on her face of when she visited NYC when she was a child immortalized in a digital footprint. Today was a lovely day to be in the city with my family.

Made a pit stop in Forbidden Planet and my jaw dropped. I had no idea they had a B&M store right here in NYC. I was with a buddy of mine, who had no idea what Forbidden Planet was. I tried to explain it to him, but my description of it being “a place where they sell cool shit” came across as vague. I then told him it’s a place where they sell a whole lot of stuff that I would love to have in my office. Having been to my office, he immediately understood.


An awesome place to geek out!

Star Wars figurines, comic books, graphic novels, toys, statuettes and models galore! Forbidden Planet is one the places to go in the city to get your fill of “geekery” and eye candy. With my mouth agape and my jaw dropped, my wife watched as I floated across the store from fixture to fixture. With an unlimited income, a lot in this place would be mine. But, alas, with a mortgage, a child, and a less-than-flattering salary, I left the store with nothing but tears and a broken heart (of course, I’m exaggerating – there were no tears).

Afterward, I headed on down to 18th Street to Academy Records and CDs. It’s a fairly small-sized shop, and I knew I would have a hard time maneuvering my huge backpack filled with photo equipment. But, that didn’t stop me. I knew I’d only be in there for a brief moment as I was on a mission and, by God, was I going to complete it! My mission? Check out the soundtrack section – get in and get out with a few purchases, I hoped!

I opened the doors to Academy, and my first obstacle was upon me – a narrow aisle with a row of people on either side perusing the CDs section. I remembered from the last time I was there that the vinyl soundtrack section was located on the other end of the store in the very back in a small bin under a fixture with classical vinyl above. Indeed, it was a mission and the notion of just saying ‘the hell with it’ crossed my mind as I stood at the mouth of the narrow passageway that lay before me. Instead, I put both arms in front of me, clasped both palms,  transformed myself into a human butter knife and lunged myself forward, politely excusing myself in the process.

After a few dings, bumps and awkward shoves, I made it! I was not expecting much as the last time I was there the only stuff they had to show for themselves, with regards to soundtracks, were a few show tunes, some musicals and a couple of old film soundtracks that you see at nearly every thrift shop in the dollar bin. This time they had a few things that caught my eye. There was a good copy of Jerry Goldsmith‘s Legend, Coma, and Leviathan, which I copped. I passed on Legend because it was recently reissued and remastered (I think) and they were asking for $30 for this old copy – I couldn’t justify its purchase. I passed on Coma because I already own it.

There was also a nice copy of Peggy Sue Got Married and King Solomon’s Mine both of which I snagged for nostalgic and “sentimental” reasons (so I told everyone). I made the trek back to the front of the store to make my purchase. This time, everyone saw me coming and made room for me. Made my purchases and was on my way – all in under 30 minutes! My wife was impressed, to say the least.

I’ll save “The More” for another post…

…To be continued


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