Aaand I’m Back!

Yep, another hiatus! What with the holidays and all, a break was needed (forced?)! So much has happened. There was, of course, The Last Jedi which got so much hate and, despite its shortcomings and flaws, I rather enjoyed it! I’m not even going to get into because my opinion is not up for debate.

With the new year upon us, I have to get back to form and finish up on a few of my readings. Last time I checked (or anyone for that matter), I had two books in tow which I kind of let go by the way side. But, I am determined to finish them up within the next few days (weeks) and get started on The Disaster Artist.

Christmas was great, family, food, drinks and all that fun stuff. New Years was a bit of a downer as my wife, daughter and I were stuck at home with the flu or some other debilitating illness. We were relegated to sitting and binging on the third season of Black Mirror. Yay.

Back to work, the grind and regular life resumes!

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