Star Wars Episode 7 is Here!


After waiting for so long, the day has arrived for Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. I have such high hopes for this film, the main reasons being that Lawrence Kasdan, the writer of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is involved with the script and J.J. Abrams is at the helm. I have faith in the man, I have faith in his abilities and I have faith that he won’t let the fans down…. I have faith that this won’t be anything like the atrocities that were the prequels.. I have faith.

The first Star Wars film that I saw was Return of the Jedi when I was maybe eight years old. My dad had an old cabinet with a slew of VHS movies strewn about and one title on particular captured my attention. The VHS cassette was enclosed with a black Scotch VHS tape and one the binding in my father’s handwriting read, “Return of the Jedi”. I turned on the VHS player, popped the tape in and the rest was history, as they say. My love for the film did what it did to so many others and capturd my imagination and sense of adventure. It was to my wonder and excitement to discover that there were two other films that preceded this third installment. Of course, reading the scrolling text and seeing “Episode VI” I thought that there were a total of five more movies that needed my attention. Despite my disappointment (at the time and then later when the prequels were released) at the fact that there not a total of five other movies, but only two, a new romance was found and Star Wars became an integral part of my life.


In a few hours, I am off to see Episode 7 and something tells me that I won’t be disappointed. Remember, I have faith and the force is strong with me!

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