Sonic Boom!

Windows panes rattled, car alarms blared, and children screamed as the U.S Navy Blue Angels pierced through the skies above! That’s right, the New York Air Show was afoot and, despite the seemingly frightening description in the opening sentence, the experience was enthralling and awesome! While I am afraid of flying, watching fighter planes maneuver through the sky with excellent skill is both exhilarating and gets the adrenaline coursing from within, so much so, that every time a plane flew by I wanted to pump a fist towards the heavens and shout, “Woohoo!” 

It’s become a yearly tradition to have friends and family over to my house to watch the show from our backyard. Sure, it’s not front and center, but it is pretty damn close! Besides, it’s fun running back and forth from the front of the house to back as we try to keep up with where the show is going. Planes, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, corn on the cob, beer and good company – I could not ask for anything more.

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