The 2017 Pumpkin Blaze!

It’s the annual Pumpkin Blaze! The last time my wife and I made the hour trek to Croton, which sits near Sleepy Hollow in NY, was a little over five years ago before the birth of our child. Although the event was always on our radar, for some reason or another, we just could not make the trip. Nine times out of ten, tickets were sold out. But, we knew that we had to take our little munchkin out there to witness, first-hand, the wonders and splendors of the awesome pumpkin carvings and displays. Finally, this year, we put our feet down and ordered tickets to the Blaze as soon as they went up for sale!

This past weekend arrived before I knew it and as soon as I got out of work on Friday, I went home, picked up my wife and daughter and made our way down. This whole trip was a surprise for my daughter, and she had no idea where we were going. I told her we were going to a haunted house but stopped teasing when she freaked out! I was so excited to see the look on my daughter’s face when we arrived.

We arrived and finally revealed where we were as we walked through the pumpkin-laden entrance. Families walked to and fro snapping photos of their loved ones as they posed behind enlarged pumpkin cutouts. We walked into the gift shop and made a note to stop by before exiting the premises. We then waited in line for our assigned time-slots to be called: we were part of the 7:00 PM crew, and after waiting for a few minutes, we were instructed to proceed through the “pearly gates”! I looked at my daughter, and she had a look of wonder and amazement as her eyes scrutinized her surroundings – a pumpkin here, a pumpkin there, a pumpkin everywhere! We were surrounded by pumpkins and it was, for lack of a better word, awesome! The weather, thankfully, was pleasant which made for a comfortable stroll through the premises. Of course, as one would expect, the place was filled with people coming everywhere to check out the spectacle which made for heavy foot traffic here and there which also meant that daughter wanted me to carry her every so often. I was still able to snap a few photos here and there and, as I suspected, my daughter started to get bored after a while and was more concerned about when we were leaving.

The experience can be short or long, depending on how fast/slow you walk or want to take in. We were there for about an hour – not too bad. I asked my daughter if she like it, Yes, she responded. Great! I was so happy she enjoyed it and was already looking forward to next year with the hopes that she gets more into the Halloweeny stuff that I enjoyed. I looked at her, a broad smile on my face, and asked, “Do you want to do it again next year?” She looked at me and responded with an emphatic, “NO!”

The smile and look on my face turned into confusion. I inquired why and she didn’t give a good explanation but hey, she is four years old, what did I expect?! And home, we went.

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