That Creepshow Thing!

To take a page out of the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Sreet (yes, I know), my micro-dreams are coming true! Creepshow, released in 1982, became an instant favorite of mine being an avid fan of both horror movies and anthologies. Of course, I didn’t see said film the year it was released as I was only about 2-years old at the time and would not have made my mom and dad parents of the year had they brought an infant into a dark cinema to watch the product of hot commodities Stephen King and George Romero (R.I.P.).

No, it was years later (a few) when video stores stocked Creepshow 2 onto shelves. This film, along with its predecessor, were two films I eagerly anticipated watching having seen posters for them every time I walked into the local video store. I was seven years old and had already been introduced to horror with Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and The Evil Dead paving the way – these films were vital in stamping my heart with the love of the genre.

Both films, Creepshow 1 & 2, each ingrained something in my mind – something I really, really, really wanted. The first film featured a comic book. Where can I get that?! I used to collect comic books in my heyday of youth and innocence. The Creepshow comic book was one that I simply had to have in my collection! But, after perusing comic book stores, there was no sign of said comic. It wasn’t until later in life, when the internet existed that I learned that that particular comic was made for the film

The second thing I wanted was the score for Creepshow 2 by Les Reed & Rick Wakeman. Again, I searched record and music stores, high and low, for said soundtrack. I would beg my dad to take me to Sam Goody or Tower Records with the hopes of finding this treasure of a soundtrack. Years later, when I was old enough, and the internet proved to be a worthy adversary to the physical medium, I searched Napster with the hopes that someone out in the world had this and they were ready and willing to share. Nope!

So, I did the next best thing – I hooked up my dad’s VCR to his stereo and recorded the music straight from the VHS. Oh, and it was glorious! I would listen to the soundtrack, eyes closed and envision Old Chief Woodenhead gearing up and prepping for battle.

The year is 2017 – enter Waxwork Records, and they announce the release of the Creepshow 2 soundtrack! I was beyond thrilled with this news. After years of hoping, I now have both the Creepshow comic book and the Creepshow 2 score on vinyl! I listened to the soundtrack as I wrote this and when I heard the Old Chief Woodenhead theme song, chills ran through my body. 

I was a kid again and the search was over. Mission: accomplished!

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