Vinyl Delivery – The Mist


“A satirical, scary comment on our consumer society.”

Finally got my hands on a rare Vinyl recording of Stephen King’s The Mist! The 2-LPs set released in 1984 are contained in a gatefold jacket with some liner notes, an illustration, track-listing and credits within. No, it’s not the soundtrack to the 2007 film based on the Stephen King novella of the same name, The Mist. What it is, is a radio drama reenactment (in 3D sound!) based on the novella by King. Can’t wait to give this one a listen on a quiet, rainy day. Sometimes perusing the web for hours pans out!

Here’s a fun fact. William (Bill) Sadler was in both the film adaptation as well as this recording of The Mist.

5 thoughts on “Vinyl Delivery – The Mist

  1. I just found a beautiful copy of this recently, I think at $10 I got an amazing deal… as a life long lover of old time radio and spooky stories, the internet youtube channels have given me a lifetime supply… this record does not disappoint!

      1. Hey! Ya. vinyl, I found it on Ebay a few months ago, I just found the purchase in my history:
        May 7, 2016: Stephen King’s “The Mist” audioplay 2LP ZBS Productions stereo 1984 NM/VG+
        $14.99 amazing price, NM disc, VG+ sleeve, but the sleeve really was closer to NM… gorgeous artwork… very cool recording! I did wind up selling it since I am moving to San Diego… but I sold it for $65 + Shipping on Discogs, last week!

          1. Just got real lucky and found another copy on Amazon of all places for $20, VG+ quality, so not as good as my last NM, but I’m not that bothered, I’ve wanted another copy to frame the artwork 🙂

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