Record Store Day 2016 & Vintage Finds!

So, today was Record Store Day 2016. The sun was out and the skies were blue; a perfect day to be outside with the family and look for some vinyl. Of course, I had my list of vinyl wants ready to go but, as is Record Store Day mania, nothing is ever guaranteed. Being that this is my first Record Store Day venture, I really didn’t know what to expect but I have heard/read stories. Lines going around the block, mayhem in the stores, people fighting for that exclusive, limited record, stampedes! OK, so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit except for the lines bit, that part is true. Still, there were more important things to tend to than getting some records. My vinyl haul? Well, more on that later.

Like I said, the day was nice and the Newburgh Vintage Emporium was having an outdoor marketplace event. Naturally, being fans of all things vintage, my wife, baby girl and my mom decided to pay them a visit. We have been going there for years and have developed a great relationship with the owners of the place. Super nice people and it’s always a pleasure paying them a visit.

There was live music, food, antiques, vintage items and a good amount of vinyl as well. No Record Store Day stuff but, nonetheless, records. Of course, I had to dig through crates/boxes hoping to find some goodies. Sure enough, I did. Most of the stuff were some Jazz records, none of which I have heard but I am trying to expand my Jazz knowledge. Found one soundtrack for Night Hawks, music composed by Keith Emerson. Do I know the soundtrack? Nope, but I know Emerson and for $3 it was worth the gamble. There were a few other goodies that my wife and I found – things to riddle the home with. We certainly have a few projects ahead of ourselves but we have a few ideas on what to do with them.


Hudson Valley Vinyl Finds 04/17/2016

Then, it was time to head on over to one of my favorite record shops in the Hudson Valley, Audioccult, located in the quaint and trendy town of Beacon in Dutchess County, NY. This is an awesome record shop with a rather unique twist to it as they not only sell records but oddities, horror and antiques, not to mention a few rather impressive posters/artwork for sale adorning the shop’s walls. I got there a little late but, much to my surprise, and content, most of the stuff on my want-list was available.


By that time, the crowds had already diminished, no lines outside, no “chaos”. Inside, there was a soft tune playing throughout the store, one that I didn’t recognize. There were people on both sides of the aisle, their heads tilted downward towards record-laden fixtures, fingers flipping through record after record waiting for that one record, or two, to capture their interest. I joined them and found myself a Riz Ortolani film score in the soundtrack section. Unfortunately, this was my only soundtrack find. I then moved over to the “Just In” bin and picked up a nice copy of an Edith Piaf album. Say what you will but her music is captivating, plus the wife and kid love her – she dances her baler to her music! After this, it was time to dig in for the Record Store Day releases.


Here’s my list and scores:

John Coltrane – The Roulette Sides
The Skeleton Dance
The Guest Soundtrack – Various Artists
Goblin – La Via Della Droga
Jimi Hendrix – Smash Hits
Requiem for a Dream OST
John Wick Soundtrack
Dizzy Gillespie – The Champ
Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks

The last three I had to find online.

I have become an instant fan of John Coltrane so it was a no-brainer for me to pick that one up. The Skeleton Dance – well that was moreso for nostalgia. I used to watch that cartoon when I was a kid so it was great to see this being released on vinyl. The Guest Soundtrack just has some awesome music. I already own a copy of the score so it was only fitting to make sure this was also in my collection. Goblin, well, it’s Goblin. I’ve been looking for a great Jimi Hendrix compilation album for a while now and this seemed to fit the bill. The Requiem for a Dream soundtrack by Clint Mansell & The Kronos Quartet has been a sought after album for soundtrack enthusiasts for quite some time so this was also a must to have in my collection. The John Wick soundtrack was a blind buy purchase. I saw the film but can’t say that I remember the score. But, I am familiar with Tyler Bates’ work so it’s not something I think I will regret purchasing… I hope. Dizzy Gillespie’s album features group sessions with great musicians, including John Coltrane so, again, just had to have it. Then there’s Xiu Xiu plays the music of Twin Peaks – this one didn’t get on my radar until the last minute and it was not available at Audioccult [sad face]. But, I was able to find a copy online [happy face]. 


Then there’s the other stuff that came in the mail during the week. Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel soundtrack, Donovan’s Brain starring Orson Welles from Radiola, I Love a Mystery radio broadcasts LP and the Black Christmas Soundtrack compose by Carl Zittrer on LP and artwork by Goulish Gary Pulin distributed by the always awesome Waxwork Records. So yeah, I’d say this was a pretty good haul overall for the week!

hudson-valley-vinyl-0418And, finally, there’s the haunting, hypnotic soundtrack to Under the Skin composed by Mica Levi and an awesome rare vinyl find, the soundtrack to Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre. It was certainly a long day, to say the least, and an awesome vinyl week!



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